Cecile Laly - Kitshocalligraphy

When I learned the Japanese language, characters seemed to hold more linear meaning and appeared to me as subtle drawings rather than being part of a strict writing system. Yet, I had always thought that writing was a way to paint my mind. Painting kanji became the ultimate illustration of this idea!
I decided to re-appropriate the calligraphic black line by turning it into a colored pattern. In my paintings, I have always been more interested in colors than lines; the functionality of lines in my work is to outline colors.
Thus, I choose one character according to my feelings in the present moment and I choose colors according to its meaning. I give shape to the kanji and to turn it into a "pattern". I then apply a color in the shape. Characters are no longer about writing but painting. I outline the colored shape and at the end I apply my signature, which means "I/me" in Japanese.

Image 10 en taille normale
"Kitshocalligraphy (this is not calligraphy)", 2012, acrylic on canvas, 120x40cm